Alphabet Adventure

A few weeks ago, I had the brilliant idea to cook my way through the alphabet.  The inspiration stemmed from a novel called Alphabet Weekends, the movie “Julie & Julia”, and my own weekend boredom.  Although I basically have no spare time whatsoever, I was getting tired of eating the same meals, and I needed motivation to get out of my food rut and try cooking new dishes.

There are only three rules.

(1)  One letter per week.

(2)  I have to make something I’ve never made before   –OR–

(3)   If it’s something I have made before, I have to make up my own recipe.

I immediately knew what I’d make for some of the letters.  There are multiple ideas I’ve had on the back burner for some time now, but I just haven’t gotten around to attempting them yet.  Other letters are going to be slightly harder (X anyone?), and I’ll be racking my brain trying to come up with a dish.  Any which way you slice it, my kitchen will be full of pots and pans, appealing aromas, and fantastic food for the next six months.

October 18, 2010. Tags: . Alphabet Adventure.


  1. Cynthia replied:

    I love the colors of the chili. They remind me of the beautiful fall leaves this time of year…

  2. Grandma Lucy replied:

    Congratulations!! I couldn’t cook anything when Grandpa and I married, but I thought all good wives should do Sunday dinner. One of my first miserable failures was biscuits; that was before Bisquik came about. I have memories of my mother making biscuits every morning. She had a blue and white pan she kept for mixing, and she never measured anything that I can remember.

  3. sherry b replied:

    I start ed cooking when 9. Icooked many meals

  4. Deb Smith replied:

    Hi Amy. I am thoroughly enjoying this. As soon as we get through with the fall harvest I hope to try some of these. I remember my mom making donuts. Yummy!

  5. Grandma Lucy replied:

    This is my favorite recipe for zucchini:
    Slice zucchini into matchstick pieces. Dice a few pecans and saute in butter until slightly brown; add zucchini and stir until tender. This only takes a few minutes.


  6. Schmidty replied:

    Hey Girl!
    I love this idea, especially if I get to try at least one of them! As far as the ideas for X, check out this website:
    The first one, xacuti, an Indian dish actually sounds pretty good. Maybe I should try cooking some more too, so that when I get married my husband doesn’t have to suffer too much. =)hehe

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