Battle of Drips to the Death

This past weekend, the rains invaded, pelting the windows and laying siege to my humble home. As the assault continued, my food stores dwindled, but the rains’ vigorous persistence prevented me from escaping to the grocery store to buy more provisions. With a craving for soup quickly growing, I opened the fridge for a last-ditch effort to satisfy my unhappy stomach.


A ripe orange stared back at me, and a brilliant strategy began to form in my mind. The rain still taunted me outside, but I could create my own little bowl of sunshine inside my kitchen. Within minutes, the blender whirred out my battle cry, and I eagerly slurped up my citrus soup. Although it lacked the sun’s warmth, it still lifted my dampened spirits and brought a smile to my face as I waited out the rest of the storm.  



Orange Cranberry Soup

serves 1 (or 2 as a side)

Although I didn’t heat mine up, feel free to pop it in the microwave for a bit if you’d like! Dried cherries would also work well instead of the craisins.

1 large orange

2 tbsp craisins

¼ c. + 2 tbsp water, divided

1 tbsp vanilla yogurt

  1. Place the craisins and 2 tbsp water in a microwave-safe bowl. Cover with plastic wrap, and microwave for 45 seconds or until the craisins begin to plump up. Leave the plastic wrap on and let them sit while preparing the rest of the soup.
  2. Peel the orange and slice into smaller sections. Place the orange segments, yogurt, and ¼ c. water in a blender, and whir until smooth.
  3. Remove the plastic wrap from the craisin bowl, and pour the orange mixture over top. Serve immediately, or chill for a bit to cool down the craisins.


January 24, 2012. Tags: , , , , , , . Midweek Meals, Satisfying Sides.


  1. Cyndi replied:

    What a totally great idea for the winter! Do you think chunks of dried apricots could work?

    • foods for the soul replied:

      Dried apricots would definitely work! I mainly chose craisins and dried cherries because their color stood out against the orange soup, but any semi-tart dried fruit would taste great.

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