Bending the Rules

microwave popcorn

I’m not allowed to keep bags of popcorn kernels in the house. It’s a safety-comes-first type of rule. The temptation is just too great to pour them into a pot, heat it uncovered on the stove, and watch as the fluffy white morsels explode out and rain down on the kitchen floor.


Instead, I’m required to have adult supervision whenever I make a popcorn snack. No picking super small pots or hiding all of the lids. (Yes, I’ve tried…)  


But after discovering this little microwave trick, I can cook all of the popcorn I want, all by myself! It’s practically foolproof and only takes 2 minutes to make a bowl of hot homemade popcorn. What are you waiting for—I’m already munching on mine!


microwave popcorn


Microwave Popcorn

from Paging Supermom

Add whatever seasonings and toppings you like! Salt, butter, cinnamon sugar: the possibilities are endless!

⅓ c. popcorn kernels

1 paper bag (lunch bag size)

  1. Pour the popcorn kernels into the paper bag, and fold the top of the bag over twice. Lay the bag, sealed side down, in the microwave, and heat for 2 min. Be careful of the steam when opening the bag, and discard any unpopped kernels.


microwave popcorn



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  1. Hannah @ Dispatches from the Gypsy Roller replied:

    Popping popcorn on stove is too much of a gamble for me (I know I’d burn it or start a grease fire) – your microwave method sounds far safer! And far healthier than packaged microwave popcorn, too 🙂

    • foods for the soul replied:

      It was intimidating the first time I tried popping popcorn on the stove, but it was still fun watching the kernels explode against the lid. I like that this recipe is so much easier (and healthier) though!

  2. retroquo replied:

    And the best thing is – it doesn’t need oil! Great recipe…

    • foods for the soul replied:

      Exactly! Perfect for the holidays when there’s so much other indulgent snacks and treats around. ;]

  3. Andrea replied:

    Haha you are too cute- and I love that there is no oil! I would throw some spices into my popped bag for a healthy yet tasty snack!

    • foods for the soul replied:

      Me too! I didn’t think you could make popcorn without oil unless you had a special air-pop popcorn machine. Glad that isn’t true! I think that cinnamon sugar popcorn would make for an excellent snack. Or maybe onion and garlic… Or lime salt and chili powder… Too many options!

  4. xoxbekxox replied:

    Neat trick! Hmm, if there’s popcorn- there’s only two things missing 😉

  5. He Knows If You’ve Been Bad Or Good! « Foods for the Soul replied:

    […] 1 recipe microwave popcorn […]

  6. Tuesday replied:

    Wow, I came across this post at the exact perfect time! I’m on a pretty strict low-salt diet, but I’ve been craving popcorn! It’s impossible to find unsalted microwave popcorn in the grocery and they want a small fortune for it online. Thank goodness I found this before I invested in an expensive popcorn popper!

    • foods for the soul replied:

      That’s wonderful news! Big popcorn brands are starting to cater to the low-calorie and low-fat diets, but not yet low-sodium. Maybe in the future though? Glad I could help!

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