Best Desserts of 2012

With New Year’s Eve drawing near, I started flipping through photos from 2012 to smile at the year’s fun memories. As I scrolled through the albums, I laughed… All of my pictures were of food! (Well okay, except for the summer vacation to Kauai. And the father-daughter trip to Arizona.)


So I can’t exactly share very many memories, seeing as I barely remember lots of them, but I can relive a few of my favorite recipes instead!  




GF hazelnut cookies

#1: gluten-free nutella cookies


4-ingredient banana breakfast cookies

#2: banana breakfast cookies


salted balsamic chocolate cookies

#3: salted chocolate balsamic cookies


baked churros

#4: baked churros


cinnamon sugar dough

#5: cinnamon sugar dough


double-crusted apple pie

(and the apple pie it came from!)


peanut butter and nutella popcorn balls

honorable mention: peanut butter and nutella popcorn balls




cakes & cupcakes

german chocolate and lemon cupcakes

#1: German chocolate and lemon cupcakes


orange poppy seed bundt cake

#2: orange poppy seed bundt cake


strawberry lemon bundt cake

#3: strawberry lemon bundt cake


maple pecan snowman cake

#4: maple pecan snowman cake


berry-surprised mini lemon cupcakes

#5: berry-surprised mini lemon cupcakes


funfetti Christmas cupcakes

honorable mention: funfetti Christmas cupcakes


Although I have a rather large sweet tooth, I do have a few favorite recipes that don’t fall under the “dessert” category… So stay tuned!




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  1. sleepingwithacat replied:

    What a good cook year! This recipe recap just open my apetite 😀

    Happy New Year.


    • foods for the soul replied:

      Thank you! I had the same problem when I wrote this post; I wanted to go straight into my kitchen and bake everything all over again!
      Happy New Year to you too!

  2. Andrea replied:

    Okay… that strawberry lemon bundt cake looks TO DIE FOR!!! And the balsamic salted chocolate cookies… pinning for sure! Good idea on the round up!

    • foods for the soul replied:

      Thanks! I could never eat just one piece of the strawberry lemon bundt cake… Always at least two, sometimes three! I justified it by telling myself it was healthy from the two fruits inside. Maybe?

  3. Liz replied:

    salted chocolate balsamic cookies? wowza:-) Looks like you had a yummy year!

    • foods for the soul replied:

      I definitely did! Probably my best baking year yet… And I’m hoping 2013 brings even more delicious desserts!

  4. Aarthi replied:

    Oh I am craving a 10 AM sugar fix now…just looking at these yummy pictures! I LOVE lemony treats too…and I am bookmarking that recipe for strawberry lemon bundt!!

    • foods for the soul replied:

      Aww thank you! I love photographing my food (probably a little too much!). I hope you enjoy the cake, once strawberry season rolls around!

  5. Brittany replied:

    That German chocolate cupcake is gorgeous!! YUMM!

    • foods for the soul replied:

      Thanks!! I was excited when they ended up looking so pretty. But they definitely didn’t last very long! ;]

  6. Best Meals of 2012 « Foods for the Soul replied:

    […] know, the logical order would have been to start with my favorite meals of the year and finish with desserts… But I love sweets so much that I couldn’t wait to share those with you! I promise I didn’t […]

  7. xoxbekxox replied:

    Thanks for this! I’ll have to make the churros for the boy sometime 😉

    • foods for the soul replied:

      My pleasure! My brother and his friend made them a few nights ago, and they ate every last one! So hopefully your boy will enjoy them as much as my brother did.

  8. crumbcoatedlife replied:

    I’m so stoked the make those churros. Thanks for sharing!

    • foods for the soul replied:

      My pleasure! They seem to get eaten fairly quickly in our family, so I hope you enjoy them too!

  9. veryberryhandmade replied:

    Oh my word! What a lot of yumminess on one page…! Those salted choc cookies look AMAZING, and I have always wanted to try making churros but was put off by deep frying – this looks more achievable by far. Fabulous stuff. 🙂

    • foods for the soul replied:

      Thank you! I fried donuts once, very early in this blog’s career. It was fun, but I was pretty scared of burning myself! I was so excited that the churros turned just as well when I baked them instead. And I can’t get enough of the salt + chocolate combination either!

  10. bakearama replied:

    Thank you for stopping by my blog, but most of all for introducing me to yours! What brilliant inspriation, now… what to try first??

    • foods for the soul replied:

      My pleasure!! As for desserts, I’d definitely suggest the nutella cookies, German chocolate/lemon combo cupcakes, or orange poppy seed bundt cake. They’re all fairly easy and disappear faster than you can make them!

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