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blueberry almond flat-cakes


I tried mixing up a batch of just-like-Mom’s blueberry pancakes last week. After burning the first plate and chucking it in the trash, I realized I really should have paid closer attention to Mom’s cooking in the kitchen as a 5-year-old instead of banging on pots and pans with a wooden spoon…


But I was just too picky of an eater! The moment that Mom flipped my plain pancakes onto my plate, I’d smother them in syrup and happily munch away, completely ignoring Mom as she stirred fresh blueberries into the remaining batter. (I hated things mixed into my pancakes. No fruit, no nuts, no oats… Well, I might’ve been okay with chocolate chips or sprinkles.) 


In last week’s sad little breakfast, the plump blueberries poked out of the batter like giant purple boulders. They weren’t nestled cozily into the pancakes like in Mom’s traditional version… Mine reminded me of my old baby-sitter-slash-second-mother’s heavy cakes instead, but I’ll save that recipe for another day!


Yet the flavors were all there in my second batch, despite the pancakes’ flat appearance. I’m sure that adding a little extra flour and baking powder would solve that problem, but for now I’ll eat them just the way they are—skinny and delicious!


blueberry almond flat-cakes


Blueberry Almond Flat-Cakes

serves 1

For thicker pancakes, add an extra 2 teaspoons of flour to the batter. Although they’re sweet enough on their own, you can still serve them with maple syrup!

1 egg white (or ¾ tsp Ener-G + 1 tbsp water)

2 tbsp skim or almond milk

½ tbsp water

¼ tsp almond extract

½ tsp sugar

3 tbsp flour

¼ tsp baking powder

2 heaping tbsp ripe blueberries

  1. In a small bowl, whisk together the egg, milk, water, and almond extract. Stir in the sugar. Add in the flour and baking powder, stirring just until incorporated. Gently fold in the blueberries.
  2. Lightly coat a pan with nonstick cooking spray, and preheat over medium-low heat. Using a ¼-cup measuring cup, scoop out 2 tablespoons of the batter (be sure there’s at least 3 blueberries in the measuring cup too!) and pour into the pan. Repeat with as much of the batter will fit in the pan. Cook for 2-3 minutes, or until the bottom is golden brown, before flipping to cook for another 1-2 minutes on the other side. Repeat with any remaining batter. Serve hot.


blueberry almond flat-cakes


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  1. Brittany replied:

    This looks like a great meal, snack, dessert, all of the above! Yummy.

    • foods for the soul replied:

      Thanks! I actually had these for lunch instead of breakfast… But I could eat breakfast for every meal of the day, so that isn’t too surprising!

  2. Blueberry Kitchen replied:

    Yum, these sound delicious!

    • foods for the soul replied:

      Thank you! The juicy blueberries made these pancakes phenomenal. I ate them so quickly; it was hard to stop!

  3. PaulaS replied:

    These remind me of crepes, but I’m guessing they taste less “eggy.”

    • foods for the soul replied:

      I guess these are a cross between pancakes and crêpes! They’re thinner than pancakes, but not so thin as crêpes. (At least, it wouldn’t be possible to roll them up around a filling.) Not eggy at all — but very blueberry-y!

  4. storiesbywilliams replied:

    Num-my! I especially like the way they are small and compact, and layered! Little slab of butter and some maple syrup, maybe some yoghurt. Forget about it!

    • foods for the soul replied:

      Thank you! When I cut into the super ripe blueberries, their juices poured out almost like a self-syruping pancake! I completely forgot about maple syrup until I went to write about the pancakes… Definitely trying it the next time I make them though!

      • storiesbywilliams replied:

        Have you ever made banana pancakes? Working out the recipe and so far, the results are gooooood!

      • foods for the soul replied:

        I haven’t done them myself, but my uncle developed a flourless banana pancake recipe that both he AND my mom swear by! I’ll have to try making them sometime, especially if you say they’re that amazing!

      • storiesbywilliams replied:

        Oh yes! And easy too. All you really need to is add a banana, first frozen then thawed to make it soft enough, and mash it all up. Makes for a fluffy, dense, and all around awesome pancake! I’m going to post the recipe at my other site:

      • foods for the soul replied:

        Sounds delicious — and healthy! It’d be hard to pass up such a sweet breakfast treat. I’m sure your readers will love it!

  5. Mama's Gotta Bake replied:

    My favorite! Can’t wait to give these a try!

    • foods for the soul replied:

      Thank you! I can’t believe I didn’t try my mom’s blueberry pancakes until I was at least 14… They’re so delicious and healthy. I hope you enjoy them if you try them!

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