Love Triangle

Ever been in one? I stumbled across a doozy of a love triangle in my kitchen the other night, but far from being awkward, this one had a very delicious ending.


Three beans sat socializing and swimming on my stovetop. Long and lanky, the green bean lusted after the foreign and exotic soy bean. But he wasn’t the only one; the squat yet hardy lima bean shared the same amorous feelings. Since both beans looked so appetizing, the poor little soy bean just couldn’t make up her mind.   Continue reading for recipe.

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Spilling the Beans

I dreaded telling people at work about my new vegan diet. They already take immense pleasure in teasing me about eating so many fruits and veggies, and although it’s all in good fun, I thought I’d never hear the end of it when they found out I was eating only plant-based products for the next month. Sure enough, when they heard the news, they started talking.   Continue reading for recipe.

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Soup So Addicting, You’ll Lick The Bowl Clean!

(You gotta trust me on this…  A few other people tried it, and they all asked for more!)


After a week of non-stop extravagant holiday meals, I was more than ready to eat something small, simple, and satisfying.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the sweet potatoes (with marshmallows, mmm!), cranberry salad, and honey-baked ham, but lots of heavy food and then lots of heavy leftovers never makes for a happy girl nor a happy tummy.  Instead, I left the last staling bits of our holiday feast for others to consume and made a trip to the grocery store.  I walked out with a bag full of fresh ingredients and a craving for homemade soup.      Continue reading for recipe.

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N is for Nachos

The letter “N” fell on New Year’s Eve, and by that time, everyone was absolutely sick of leftovers.  We still had ham and cranberry sauce threatening to jump out of the fridge every time someone opened the door, but no one could stomach another bite after a week of microwaving them and trying to forget they were what we ate morning, noon, and night.  So to end the year on the right foot, I made a dish everyone in my family loves…  Nachos!           Continue reading for recipe.

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Christmas Dinner Disaster

At our Christmas dinner, we completely forgot to serve the green beans.  Wait, scratch that.  We completely forgot to make the green beans.  We served every other dish, but the green beans sat chilling in the fridge while we stuffed ourselves with honey-baked ham and Great-Grandma’s cranberry salad.  When I went to put away leftovers, I realized that we still had a bag full of fresh beans to cook and eat in addition to what remained from our Christmas feast.  Since I really didn’t want to throw together our typical green bean casserole after the fact, I decided to be a little more creative in preparing these crunchy veggies.  
    Continue reading for recipe.

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You Say Falafel, I Say Waffle

The first time I heard someone say the word, I thought my ears heard them wrong, so I chimed in, “I love waffles!  Where are you going to get some?”  I got the weirdest look, and they replied, “Falafel, not waffle.”  With a sheepish look, I made some (lame) excuse and walked away, making a mental note to do some research (and think before I speak!).   Continue reading for recipe.

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Simply Ravishing

At the grocery store, the vibrant red radishes caught my eye.  I had been thinking about them the week prior because Peter Rabbit came up in a conversation, and didn’t he wear a little blue jacket and steal radishes from Mr. McGregor’s garden?  Or was it just carrots?  I can’t remember…  But either way, I had radishes on the brain, and there they were, all striking and gorgeous.  So I bought a bunch, completely ignoring the fact that I’ve never actually eaten a radish before in my entire life.   Continue reading for recipe.

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No Beef For You?

After coming home with a craving for Asian food, I started scrounging around my kitchen.  There was a stalk of broccoli in my fridge, rice in the pantry, but no beef.  What was I supposed to do?  Like any other creative girl, I picked the next “B” ingredient that came to mind: beans!  Since I didn’t have to wait for any meat to brown, this vegetarian twist on beef and broccoli came together even faster than my rice cooked.  Even if you don’t have beef with beef, give it a try – it’s a simple dish for an easy weeknight meal.   Continue reading for recipe.

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H is for Hummus

H got the short end of the stick and happened to fall at the end of a very long, stressful week.  I didn’t have the energy to make anything elaborately gourmet, super involved, or really exotic.  I wanted something that required minimal effort yet had maximum flavor – and was also fail-proof, seeing as I was half-dead from my week.  Hummus fit the bill perfectly, and clocking in at under 2 minutes, it’s the fastest “Alphabet Adventure” dish I’ve prepared yet!   Continue reading for recipe.

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