Two Cakes in One, Twice the Fun!

lemon cupcakes with coconut frosting and chocolate filling

After presenting Dad with a lemon-lemon bundt cake for four years in a row, I baked him his other favorite cake for his birthday last year, in the form of German-ish chocolate cupcakes. As another year elapsed, I debated over what to make in 2012. Lemon-lemon? German chocolate? Both? Neither?


Dad planned a backpacking trip up in the mountains for his birthday this year, so I had a little extra time to dither over his dessert. After scratching my head long enough to look like Einstein, the light bulb in my head finally flickered on. I would combine the two!   Continue reading for recipe.


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“Cheesy” Celebrations

As soon as summer hit, it infected my friends and me with the celebration craze. Birthdays, graduations, and now… MCATs!


My old roommate, a beautiful and smart lady, spent the past 6-8 months studying for her exam. She holed herself up in the library for hours each week, pouring over textbooks and clicking through online practice exams. At the end of last week, it all culminated in a grueling 4½-hour test.


Although it’ll take a little while before she receives her scores, I wanted her to celebrate keeping her textbooks shut for a few months! So I baked her a cheesecake, her 2nd all-time favorite cake (carrot cake just barely won 1st place). And when med schools send out their acceptances, she’ll definitely need to celebrate again!   Continue reading for recipe.

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(Happy) Birthday

Every year, thousands of parents dim the lights, grab the camera, and stand in front of their child. “Make a wish!” they exclaim before snapping a photo of their kid’s puffed up cheeks blowing out the glowing birthday candles.


I dread this moment. I never know which singing face to look at, so I stare awkwardly at the cake in front of me, outwardly smiling but inwardly sweating.


What should I wish for?   Continue reading for recipe.

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Prepare Your Forks…

I know I sound like a broken record, but the guys in my family love lemon treats. That’s a capital L-O-V-E love. When birthday season rolls around and they hear my electric beaters whirring and see me juicing lemons, they turn into Pavlov’s dogs. Complete with the perked up ears and salivating mouth.


To start the doggies (er, men) drooling a little early this year, I decided to work on perfecting modifying their favorite lemon bundt cake. With such gorgeous juicy strawberries in season, I doubted they’d mind if I added a few to the batter. Or to the glaze.   Continue reading for recipe.

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