Best Meals of 2012

I know, the logical order would have been to start with my favorite meals of the year and finish with desserts… But I love sweets so much that I couldn’t wait to share those with you! I promise I didn’t forget about my top breakfast, lunch, and dinner dishes though: here they are!  Continue reading for recipes.


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Einstein’s Cheesy Solution

string cheese hot dogs

Fact: I am a scientist.

Fact: I am a little crazy.

Fact: Crazy scientists’ hair shoots straight out of their heads when they’re excited by a brilliant idea.


…Okay, so I have slightly fault logic. But if it were true, a lot of shoppers at the grocery store would have doubled over laughing at my 2-foot-long blonde afro as I walked down the cheese aisle last week!   Continue reading for recipe.

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Not Cooking? Not a Problem!

vegetarian Greek sandwiches

This past weekend, thermometers threatened to shatter as the sun glared down at my tiny California town. Yes, fall officially began on September 22, but a week later the sun was still ignoring our calendar and converted our entire house into an oven.


Too unmotivated to cook (102° temperatures can do that to a girl), I sweated all the way to the store and grabbed a pint of ice cream to cool off. (Yes, I did buy it later. And was so tempted to eat all of it as I walked back home.) I also paid for a bag of sandwich thins, thinking that those sounded much more appealing than the baked chicken I had originally considered making.   Continue reading for recipe.

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Nix the Newtons

Temperatures may be dropping in the rest of the country, but in my little neck of the farmlands, they’re still between 80-90, even pushing 100. Definitely won’t be seeing the leaves change colors anytime soon. And because it still feels like summer, even though we celebrated Labor Day weeks ago, it’s still perfectly acceptable to throw together a quick salad for dinner, especially after a long and frustrating day at work.   Continue reading for recipe.

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Navigating Old-Town Annecy

Find the canal, turn left at the fish mongrel, and walk past the first two restaurants. The third, with its little candy-cane-striped poles bordering the entrance, is the most delicious and affordable food you’ll find in Annecy.


We stumbled upon this gem our first night there. As of 9 am that morning on our train ride to Switzerland, I desperately wanted a salad, and at 7:30 pm, my craving had yet to be fulfilled. Strolling down the cobblestone streets, we meticulously inspected every menu we passed, but the first 9 didn’t offer dishes that could satisfy everyone’s picky palates.   Continue reading for recipe.

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A Girl’s Favorite Word

The word “sale” is a magnet. It catches my eye and draws me in until I’m hungrily pawing through merchandise, looking for the perfect item to buy. But while most girls are sorting through denim and dresses, I’m chasing after—you guessed it—fresh produce. This week at the grocery store was no different. The reduced prices on firm, green zucchini called my name, and how could I resist? But once I was the proud owner of an overflowing bag of zukes, I needed recipes—and fast.    Continue reading for recipe.

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Unintentional Love, Aisle 12

I wanted feta. I had planned out the perfect pasta dish, and all I needed was the cheese. But when I drove to the grocery store and browsed the cheese selection, the only feta in stock was contaminated with Mediterranean herbs. Sigh. I really craved that feta. So what’s a girl to do?   Continue reading for recipe.

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Grilled Cheese Cheese Cheese

On Sunday, I lived in a nursery rhyme. Just like in “The Three Little Pigs,” the Big Bad Wolf huffed and puffed and threatened to blow my house down. Because my home isn’t make of sticks or straw, it managed to stay standing, but all of that wind left me cold, chilly, and in desperate need of some comfort food.   Continue reading for recipe.

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Lend a Hand

Which is easier: feeding a baby or stuffing pasta shells? While you scratch your head and puzzle over that question, I’ll explain my logic. Both require an apron or bib, a spoon, and lots of patience. On a good day, feeding a baby only requires two hands—one to hold the spoon and one to wipe her mouth. But stuffing pasta shells requires at least three—two to hold the slippery little bugger open and one to cram the cheesy filling inside.    Continue reading for recipe.

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The Problem With Pizza

With its soft doughy crust, savory tomato sauce, and melted mozzarella cheese, pizza is practically perfect in every way. Except one. I always want more than one slice, but even the personal-size pizzas are getting to be too big to finish by myself! Cold pizza leftovers can taste pretty good, yet nothing beats that fresh-out-of-the-oven taste.    Continue reading for recipe.

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