“Cheesy” Celebrations

As soon as summer hit, it infected my friends and me with the celebration craze. Birthdays, graduations, and now… MCATs!


My old roommate, a beautiful and smart lady, spent the past 6-8 months studying for her exam. She holed herself up in the library for hours each week, pouring over textbooks and clicking through online practice exams. At the end of last week, it all culminated in a grueling 4½-hour test.


Although it’ll take a little while before she receives her scores, I wanted her to celebrate keeping her textbooks shut for a few months! So I baked her a cheesecake, her 2nd all-time favorite cake (carrot cake just barely won 1st place). And when med schools send out their acceptances, she’ll definitely need to celebrate again!   Continue reading for recipe.


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Christmas Cookies for Santa: Another Try

If Mrs. Claus helped load the sleigh, perhaps her peppermint perfume permeated into the sack of toys, already filling Santa’s nose with her sweet scent. So maybe he didn’t need my peppermint reminder to think of his wife on his trip. Despite this insight, I thought Santa still wanted a moist brownie with his glass of milk.   Continue reading for recipe.

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Skipping the Pumpkin Pie: The Sequel

Yesterday, I celebrated Thanksgiving #2. I thought I’d simply fulfill my role as dessert chef and the dinner would be just as low-key as Saturday’s. Boy, did I learn not to count my turkeys before they hatched…   Continue reading for recipe.

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5 Easy Ways to Feel Younger

Kids have it made. Thoughts of recess, cartoons, and candy fill their heads, while words like taxes, jury duty, and morning alarm clocks might as well be a foreign language. But those times we find ourselves thinking, “Those were the good ol’ days,” or, “What I wouldn’t give to be young again,” we aren’t fantasizing about the sugar highs that made us feel sick or the purple bruises we earned from playing dodgeball. We’re dreaming of the naïve innocence of childhood and the simple pleasures that resulted from it. Although we think that’s lost forever, it’s actually easy to rediscover.


How?    Continue reading for recipe.

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