I Own the Rain God

meaty vegetarian ravioli

My dog is the rain god. Yes, that’s right, my 15-pound Chihuahua mix is the official rain god. When she wiggles around, chases her tail, and finishes with a satisfied lick, the sun shines. When she neglects to do her little dance, the winds howl and the raindrops splash down on our roof.


Okay, so maybe I need to check into the whole causation vs. correlation thing…   Continue reading for recipe.


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Upside Down and Turned Around

A few months ago, my life turned upside down. Lots of germs attacked my body, weakened my immune system, and finally broke in to build themselves a home inside my cells. None of them were serious or life-threatening; each simply planned his visit to begin before the previous pathogen packed his bags and waved good-bye.


Family, friends, and loved ones worked night and day to make the weeks bearable and prevent me from falling into the self-pity holes I dug as a results of not running, not working, and rarely leaving the house. The bought me a plethora of crafts and coloring books to keep me from going stir-crazy from too much TV time.


It mainly worked, and I’m grateful for each smile and crayon. But still, moments existed where I began to count the sick days, and I started craving meals as mixed up as I felt. Breakfast for dinner, dessert before the main course, yogurt paired with French fries… Nothing was off-limits. Yet despite all of those crazy dishes, I still came up with a tasty one I’ll cook again and again: upside down “spaghetti.”   Continue reading for recipe.

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From Parkas to Palm Trees

Although the clouds dissipated to let the sun peek through, the winter chill still nips at my nose and bites at my toes. I look like the Michelin tire man when I bundle up in my scarves, gloves, and jackets any time I venture outside! (Wussy, I know, but some girls just weren’t born to live at the North Pole.) Dreaming of slightly warmer climates, I moseyed into my kitchen to make dinner.


With warm sandy beaches and sunny blue skies on my mind, my thoughts drifted to summer vacations on Kauai where we sipped coconut smoothies and snorkled to see the rainbow fish. For a few years, Grandma bought boxes of fresh pineapple to ship home for festive appetizers and juicy fruit salads. My mouth watered at the memory, but I had to make do with canned. Even so, I baked myself a delicious pizza and enjoyed my slice of paradise.   Continue reading for recipe.

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Is Your Grandma on Speed Dial?

Nothing beats Grandma’s apple pie. Tart juicy apples bathed in cinnamon and encased in a butter flaky crust… As a child, I squealed and drooled with joy whenever one of these beauties arrived at our house.   Continue reading for recipe.

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Grilled Cheese Cheese Cheese

On Sunday, I lived in a nursery rhyme. Just like in “The Three Little Pigs,” the Big Bad Wolf huffed and puffed and threatened to blow my house down. Because my home isn’t make of sticks or straw, it managed to stay standing, but all of that wind left me cold, chilly, and in desperate need of some comfort food.   Continue reading for recipe.

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