Tick Tock, Sprint or Stop

Most days, I rush through the grocery store. Forget the cart: with my bad luck, mine veers off to the side from a sticky wheel and I waste precious minutes forcing it to roll down the aisle in a straight line. Instead, I grab a basked and haphazardly throw in food, bruising my leg with the cans and produce when it bangs against my shin as I power walk around the store.


Not fun.


But on the days without any meetings or appointments on my calendar, I slow down and savor the supermarket. I stroll up and down every (food) aisle, pausing in front of sale items and unusual ingredients. When I discover something interesting, I pull it off the shelf, pay for it at the check-out stands, and immediately begin searching for a recipe to use it in when I walk through the door at home.   Continue reading for recipe.


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An All-American Stir-Fry

I grew up in a world of weeknight stir-fries. Okay, so they weren’t exactly authentic. For years, our wok collected dust on the top shelf that nobody could ever reach, even with a step stool. (It’s surprising that we even owned one, seeing as we were about as all-American as you can get.) But these stir-fries were my family’s definition, and they definitely were tasty.    Continue reading for recipe.

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V is for Vindaloo

A few hours before I began cooking, I made an emergency switch-a-roo. The sweet dessert I originally planned to make for “V” clashed beautifully with the batch of chocolate cupcakes I baked the night before. Because a sugar high didn’t fit too well into my weekend plans, I opted for Plan B—or should I say Plan V?—vindaloo.    Continue reading for recipe.

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Curbing an Unexpected Craving

How many times have you craved something, only to realize that you’re missing the one key ingredient? Yeah, that happens to me. Way too much. 99% of the time, that craving is chocolate related (what can I say? I’m a typical girl). But this time, it was for Chinese.    Continue reading for recipe.

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Extra Cheese, Please!

If you had a dozen homemade flour tortillas hot off the skillet sitting on your countertop, what would you make? Tacos, fajitas, and chips all floated through my mind, but in the end, I went with my favorite childhood meal—a cheese quesadilla.    Continue reading for recipe.

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T is for Tortillas

Say “tortilla” and I’m immediately transported back to my childhood where I’m standing in front of Chevy’s mesmerizing tortilla machine. The cook stuck a dough ball in one end, and the machine pressed it into a flat disc, which then cooked as it spiraled down a conveyer belt. Two minutes later, it emerged from the other end in a warm, perfect tortilla. As a tiny girl, the workers found me cute enough to give me a dough ball to play with every time I wandered away from the table to watch the machine. Chevy’s was my favorite restaurant growing up because of those dough balls.    Continue reading for recipe.

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S is for Shepherd’s Pie

This letter of the alphabet has been simmering on the back burner for a while now. Months ago, someone told me that although Trader Joe’s (my favorite grocery store) typically stocks tasty frozen dinners, their shepherd’s pie was thoroughly disappointing. He insisted that he could make a better one, and seeing as he enjoys cooking about as much as a trip to the dentist, I thought if he could, why couldn’t I?      Continue reading for recipe.

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N is for Nachos

The letter “N” fell on New Year’s Eve, and by that time, everyone was absolutely sick of leftovers.  We still had ham and cranberry sauce threatening to jump out of the fridge every time someone opened the door, but no one could stomach another bite after a week of microwaving them and trying to forget they were what we ate morning, noon, and night.  So to end the year on the right foot, I made a dish everyone in my family loves…  Nachos!           Continue reading for recipe.

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You Say Falafel, I Say Waffle

The first time I heard someone say the word, I thought my ears heard them wrong, so I chimed in, “I love waffles!  Where are you going to get some?”  I got the weirdest look, and they replied, “Falafel, not waffle.”  With a sheepish look, I made some (lame) excuse and walked away, making a mental note to do some research (and think before I speak!).   Continue reading for recipe.

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