When You Give a Girl Some Cupcakes, She’s Going to Ask for a Fork to Go With Them…

Last Friday night, my phone buzzed and a text message from my neighbor flashed across the screen:


Hey i wanted 2 thank u for all the treats this year. If ur ever bk in town or so cal give me a ring. Hope u enjoy the cupcakes


Wow, they baked me cupcakes, how sweet! I thought. And how did they know I was craving cake?? Not five minutes earlier, I had decided to walk to Safeway for a slice of chocolate cake with thick fudgy frosting!


When I unlocked the front door, a plain white plastic grocery bag hung swinging from the door handle. I would’ve thought they’d just put them on a paper plate… I peered inside and gasped.



A tin of four gourmet cupcakes. Not one, not two, not three, but four. Expensive lovely cupcakes. Just for me. Aww!!   Continue reading.

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Christmas Cookies for Santa: Adjusting Again

I stood in the kitchen this morning still feeling like I missed the mark with my previous attempts for Santa’s favorite Christmas cookie. Maybe he wanted a lighter, crunchier treat, whereas I only offered moist, rich desserts. As I ate my breakfast cereal, puzzling over what to make, the snap-crackle-pop jolted me awake. Rice krispie treats!   Continue reading for recipe.

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Sweet Celebrations

This past weekend was full of celebrations. Three, to be exact.


My birthday.

Don’t bother asking how old I am—a lady never reveals her age, after all!—but a huge thank you to everyone who forced me to change out of my pj’s and actually celebrate. I had the most wonderful time eating dinner, watching baseball, and hanging out with some truly sweet and special people.


Being vegan.

I originally challenged myself to try it for a month. For those of you paying close attention, that month actually ended over a week ago! But since it really hasn’t been all that hard and I enjoyed learning how to prepare new foods, I decided to continue being vegan for a little bit longer. Which gives me even more opportunities to surprise friends with tasty vegan treats!


My first fondant fiasco.

I wanted a birthday cake. But being vegan, I couldn’t go to the store like a normal person and buy one. And seeing as a large fraction of my friends and family avoid the kitchen like the plague, I wasn’t about to depend on any of them to make me one. Coupled with the fact that I’m absolutely in love with baking, I decided to spend a good chunk of my birthday weekend making myself a cake.


But not just any cake. A four layer, fruit-filled, fondant-covered cake. The first two parts were easy. Bake two cake rounds and cut them in half, dice some fruit, mix up a bowl of frosting, and throw it all together. Then came the fondant.   Continue reading for recipe.

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Cupcake Confession

I’m obsessed. It started with my discovery of “Cupcake Wars” on Hulu, then quickly progressed to countless hours of Googling photos and recipes of creative cupcakes. Because those searches had me drooling more than a newborn baby, I just had to try my hand at baking a batch of one (or five) of the different cupcakes I saw.   Continue reading for recipe.

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Pretty in (Peppermint) Pink

When I was little, everything had to be pink. My bedspread, the paint on my walls, my clothes… I threw a fit whenever my parents tried to put me in blue. That was a boy’s color!    Continue reading for recipe.

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Christmas Cheer

It isn’t Christmas without twinkling lights, spiced apple cider, and big family get-togethers.  And with minutes ticking down until tomorrow, what better way to get in the Christmas spirit than getting the entire family in the kitchen to make and decorate gingerbread cookies?   Continue reading for recipe.

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