Fudging Through a New Tradition

ginger fudge

Every December, various family members bake large batches of gingerbread cookies, fruitcakes, and buckeye balls to share and mail. But not once, in all of my sugary Christmas seasons, can I remember a single relative sending fudge our way. We surely didn’t make our own—the chocolate would have disappeared before Mom pulled out the recipe!—so any fudge came from the store or a neighbor.   Continue reading for recipe.


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Christmas Cookies for Santa: Candy Instead

As I hungrily eyed the leftover Hershey’s kisses, I imagined Santa doing the same, unwrapping the little candies and popping them into his mouth, one by one. In that case, he might prefer a pure chocolate treat, undiluted by a doughy cookie base, so I left the flour on the shelf when I stirred up another dessert.   Continue reading for recipe.

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F is for Fudge

With the holidays approaching, fudge seemed like the perfect treat to attempt.  Smooth, luscious, creamy…  I knew that I’d gain 5 pounds unless I gave it all away.  That is, if it turned out at all.  Fudge can be rather temperamental and has a tendency to come out dry and crumbly, which is why I’ve never tried it before, but I bought the chocolate and fired up the stove. Continue reading for the recipe.

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