Thoroughly Modern Blogging

Although I nailed a new calendar to the wall a few weeks ago, I basically forgot that the year actually changed. I’ve caught myself scratching out 2012 on checks, grade reports, and journal entries. Multiple times. Every day.


I’m so behind.


And not just in writing the correct year… I finally joined the 21st century of social media! Most of you are already pros at using these sites, but for those of you stuck in the Stone Ages like me…




Twitter. No, you don’t actually chirp like a bird… (But I’d be a nightingale if that were true!) It’s a place to share ideas, information, or insights in 140 characters or less. Short, sweet, and simple. I’m @FoodsforSoul, and you can click HERE to follow me for more of my quirky ideas and food adventures!   Continue reading for more social sites.


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Find Your Inspiration

chocolate donut and 100% whole wheat roll

When the calendar flips to January 1, many people resolve to change their lives for the healthier. They munch on wheat toast for breakfast instead of donuts or lace up new running shoes after work instead of reaching for the remote.


If that’s you, way to go!   Continue reading for inspiration.

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What I’m Thankful For

traditional stuffing

We survived Thanksgiving! Despite the inedible mashed potatoes that strangely resembled marshmallow fluff and the inactive yeast that flattened our rolls into Passover-like bread, everyone still stuffed themselves fuller than the roasted turkey at the dinner table and lolled around after the meal rubbing their stomachs with satisfied smiles. Thankful for my loving family and significant other, I enjoyed the entire day–especially the crackling fire to end the evening!


To conclude the season of giving thanks, I wanted to express my gratitude to Lindsay at Normal Cooking. This sweet lady nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award! I am honored and touched to receive this acknowledgement from her. Thank you!   Continue reading.

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Browsing in the Bakery

Last week, I stopped by a different grocery store on the other side of town. I barely shop there, only about twice a year when I need a more exotic or ethnic ingredient Safeway doesn’t carry.


As I wandered around, I found myself drawn to the bakery section. (Surprise, surprise!) I stared impatiently at the five-year-old boy shyly accepting a free cookie from the friendly lady behind the counter, willing him to walk away so I could press my nose against the glass display case and study the cheesecakes, fruit tarts, and chocolate éclairs taunting me from within.


Realizing I’d start drooling unless I turned away, I took a few steps to my right to look at the artisan loaves of bread. One caught my eye. It appeared that the baker tried his had at modern art by haphazardly gluing several mini baguettes together and sticking it on the shelf to sell.   Continue reading for recipe.

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