banana raspberry mini cupcakes with chocolate yogurt frosting

I am a wallflower. A terrible, terrible wallflower. I stand in the corner by myself and simply smile at people like a mute mime as they brush past me to fill a plate with chips and dip, crackers and cheese, or those little pigs-in-a-blanket concoctions. Since I enjoy those awkward evening oh so much, I usually decline politely and spend the night on my own couch with a slice of chocolate cake instead.


Recently, a group of ladies from work invited me to their Girl’s Night In. Because I barely remembered half of their names, I nearly gave out some late apologetic excuse, but then came the bait that lured me in…   Continue reading for recipe.

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When The Road Gets Rocky, Make More Muffins!

rocky road muffins

Ever have one of those days where everything goes wrong?


You crashed your bike on a morning exercise ride and the chain fell off…

You spilled coffee on your white dry-clean-only dress shirt on the drive in to work…

Your friend canceled your lunch date at a trendy new bistro in town 5 minutes before noon…

The person in front of you at the grocery checkout stand bought the last bag of freshly baked bread…

You banged your shin on the coffee table while cleaning up the kids’ Barbies and Legos…

The dog jumped up on the kitchen counter and inhaled half of your fresh-baked cookies meant for your weekly book club…   Continue reading for recipe.

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Where Do I Sign Up For Eating Lessons?

Most girls my age turn into a hot mess after a long night of drinking and dancing, but in my case, soft tacos do me in. I add spoonful after spoonful of spicy salsa, and when I pick up the tortilla to take a bite, the tomato juice dribbles down my wrist while lettuce and meat plop out onto the plate.


Homemade tacos are my kryptonite. Instead of a chef in a restaurant kitchen portioning out the meat and toppings, I’m supposed to add the ingredients to my plate. I pile everything onto the tortilla—and I mean pile—thus creating an Everest-sized mountain of food. Although the tortilla refuses to close around its innards, I still try to fold it in half, and when I attempt to take a bite, an even bigger mess ensues.   Continue reading for recipe.

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What’s in Your Salad?

Last month, a close friend of mine flew home to the Midwest to attend her 96-year-old grandmother’s funeral. It was a bittersweet trip; for years she had called her grandma every Wednesday evening to chat, even if she had to skip out on girl’s night to do so.


When she returned, we met up and she told stories of both her memories of her grandma and the week in South Dakota. She explained that at the memorial, at least 13 people brought homemade salads, but none of them contained any leafy greens! After living in sunny and healthy California for so long, she forgot about the potato, pasta, and jello (yes, jello!) salads of her youth.   Continue reading for recipe.

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When You Give a Girl Some Cupcakes, She’s Going to Ask for a Fork to Go With Them…

Last Friday night, my phone buzzed and a text message from my neighbor flashed across the screen:


Hey i wanted 2 thank u for all the treats this year. If ur ever bk in town or so cal give me a ring. Hope u enjoy the cupcakes


Wow, they baked me cupcakes, how sweet! I thought. And how did they know I was craving cake?? Not five minutes earlier, I had decided to walk to Safeway for a slice of chocolate cake with thick fudgy frosting!


When I unlocked the front door, a plain white plastic grocery bag hung swinging from the door handle. I would’ve thought they’d just put them on a paper plate… I peered inside and gasped.



A tin of four gourmet cupcakes. Not one, not two, not three, but four. Expensive lovely cupcakes. Just for me. Aww!!   Continue reading.

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