Celebrating with Chocolate

While breakfast in bed starts the morning out on the right foot, Valentine’s Day is never complete without a little extra chocolate treat. Hershey’s, Nestlé, Cadbury, and Lindt all agree; they create special candies wrapped in festive red and pink foil just for the holiday. Heart-shaped boxes of chocolate and truffles disappear from store shelves faster than Hallmark cards and candy conversation hearts, the empty spaces magically refilled before sunrise by delivery trucks and night-shift workers.


If packaged and sold, these homemade chocolate cookies would vanish long before any nougat or truffle. Moist and fudgy, the cookie develops a slight fruity undertone from the balsamic vinegar, and the small salt crystals on top pair beautifully with the chocolate’s sweetness. Go ahead, treat yourself and your loved ones to a decadent dessert. There’s more than enough to share!   Continue reading for recipe.


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A Stress-Free Valentine’s Day: Possible or Paradox?

Forget Halloween ghouls and goblins; candy companies and Hallmark team up to make February the scariest time of the year. Larger than life teddy bears, ice cream-flavored conversation hearts, and sappy oversized cards threaten to attack every time you walk into Walmart, Walgreens, or even the grocery store. With all of the pressure to make February 14th the most romantic day of the year, I’d much rather celebrate the holiday in July when my loved ones least expect it!


But quite a few girls (and guys) would be heartbroken if everyone boycotted Valentine’s Day, so I devised a simple, stress-free solution to start the day out right: Surprise your sweetie with breakfast in bed without waking up at the crack of dawn.   Continue reading for recipe.

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