Where Do I Sign Up For Eating Lessons?

Most girls my age turn into a hot mess after a long night of drinking and dancing, but in my case, soft tacos do me in. I add spoonful after spoonful of spicy salsa, and when I pick up the tortilla to take a bite, the tomato juice dribbles down my wrist while lettuce and meat plop out onto the plate.


Homemade tacos are my kryptonite. Instead of a chef in a restaurant kitchen portioning out the meat and toppings, I’m supposed to add the ingredients to my plate. I pile everything onto the tortilla—and I mean pile—thus creating an Everest-sized mountain of food. Although the tortilla refuses to close around its innards, I still try to fold it in half, and when I attempt to take a bite, an even bigger mess ensues.   Continue reading for recipe.

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Desert Inspirations

I recently talked with a friend about Arizona culture. While he’s convinced it only consists of prickly cacti, I grew up ogling at the colorful red dirt landscape and beautiful adobe houses. (I’m positive I’m the only person who ever looked like a tourist in a perfectly ordinary suburban neighborhood. The Arizonans are probably still laughing at me.)


Those childhood summer vacations to visit my grandparents were definitely memorable. Although stepping outside felt like entering an industrial-sized oven turned all the way up to “broil,” walking to the local Mexican restaurants was worth the heat. They teased me with their delicious southwestern flavors, using ingredients I’m still too timid to handle.   Continue reading for recipe.

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Extra Cheese, Please!

If you had a dozen homemade flour tortillas hot off the skillet sitting on your countertop, what would you make? Tacos, fajitas, and chips all floated through my mind, but in the end, I went with my favorite childhood meal—a cheese quesadilla.    Continue reading for recipe.

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T is for Tortillas

Say “tortilla” and I’m immediately transported back to my childhood where I’m standing in front of Chevy’s mesmerizing tortilla machine. The cook stuck a dough ball in one end, and the machine pressed it into a flat disc, which then cooked as it spiraled down a conveyer belt. Two minutes later, it emerged from the other end in a warm, perfect tortilla. As a tiny girl, the workers found me cute enough to give me a dough ball to play with every time I wandered away from the table to watch the machine. Chevy’s was my favorite restaurant growing up because of those dough balls.    Continue reading for recipe.

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E is for Enchiladas

Cheesy, saucy, meaty…  Enchiladas are something I’ve only ever ordered in a restaurant because (1) making them from scratch would take me forever and a day, (2) I haven’t been exposed to very much authentic Mexican food so I don’t know exactly how it should taste, and (3) I was just plain scared of ruining them.  By the time I tasted my finished dish, I had definitely made a mess of the kitchen, but I knew hadn’t messed up the enchiladas!   Continue reading this post.

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