Bending the Rules

microwave popcorn

I’m not allowed to keep bags of popcorn kernels in the house. It’s a safety-comes-first type of rule. The temptation is just too great to pour them into a pot, heat it uncovered on the stove, and watch as the fluffy white morsels explode out and rain down on the kitchen floor.


Instead, I’m required to have adult supervision whenever I make a popcorn snack. No picking super small pots or hiding all of the lids. (Yes, I’ve tried…)   Continue reading for recipe.


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Hot Potato, Hot Potato

As fall blows in with full force, I’m beginning to crave warm comfort foods.  No more crisp salads, no more deli sandwiches.  I want steam from my meal to waft into my face as I take a bite and try not to burn my tongue.  Last night, a baked potato sounded perfect, but after a long day at work, I didn’t feel like waiting for nearly an hour while the tuber heated up in the oven.  So what was an impatient girl to do?  I used my brain, looked up above the stove, and opened the microwave instead.  Within ten minutes, I cut into my potato and filled my happy tummy.   Continue reading for recipe.

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