Choose Your Chips Wisely

Almost every Friday night, my parents drive downtown to eat dinner at “The Pub.” Located in the old cheese factory, they serve stereotypical pub food: juicy burgers, salty fries, onion rings, meat-packed sandwiches, and lots of local beer. While Daddy branches out to pick entrées from different pages of the menu, Mom sticks to her three favorites.


When I went home for dinner last week, Mom ordered one of her standards: nachos. Since no one in my family objects to sharing, I grabbed a couple of cheesy chips to munch on in between bites of my fresh salad. I picked the flour tortilla chips, which Mom left untouched, even ones loaded with beans, jalapeños, and salsa.   Continue reading for recipe.


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N is for Nachos

The letter “N” fell on New Year’s Eve, and by that time, everyone was absolutely sick of leftovers.  We still had ham and cranberry sauce threatening to jump out of the fridge every time someone opened the door, but no one could stomach another bite after a week of microwaving them and trying to forget they were what we ate morning, noon, and night.  So to end the year on the right foot, I made a dish everyone in my family loves…  Nachos!           Continue reading for recipe.

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