Sweet and Sneaky Ways to Eat Your Veggies: Carrots

aka “Earning Desserts as a Five-Year-Old”

carrot cake oatmeal


I always ate my three daily servings of fruit as a kid. I drank my “crazy drink” (OJ + fizzy water) through a straw at breakfast, munched on apple slices at lunch, and popped grapes like candy as an after school snack. But vegetables?


Totally different story.   Continue reading for recipe.


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My New Perfume: Essence de Cookies

My favorite kind of day is a PJ day. One where I never get fully dressed and spend all of my waking hours in my fuzzy slippers, reading on the couch under a blanket and shuffling around only if absolutely necessary. But the sole activity I can find the motivation to do on these comfy, cozy days is bake.


On one such day, the oatmeal and raisins in my pantry began calling my name, begging to be used in a recipe other than granola. I reached for the nearest cookbook, my beloved copy of The Best Light Recipe by the editors of Cook’s Illustrated, and flipped to the dessert section.    Continue reading for recipe.

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