banana raspberry mini cupcakes with chocolate yogurt frosting

I am a wallflower. A terrible, terrible wallflower. I stand in the corner by myself and simply smile at people like a mute mime as they brush past me to fill a plate with chips and dip, crackers and cheese, or those little pigs-in-a-blanket concoctions. Since I enjoy those awkward evening oh so much, I usually decline politely and spend the night on my own couch with a slice of chocolate cake instead.


Recently, a group of ladies from work invited me to their Girl’s Night In. Because I barely remembered half of their names, I nearly gave out some late apologetic excuse, but then came the bait that lured me in…   Continue reading for recipe.

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Excited About Elements

I’m a nerd. A really big nerd. And at work, I’m surrounded by other hilarious (and sweet) nerdy people. So last week, I took a little time off to do something else pretty nerdy: I baked the Periodic Table out of cupcakes.


A coworker and I planned the whole dessert months ago. With the cupcakes as the centerpiece of a celebration picnic, we wanted a large variety of flavor combinations, so we chose eight cakes and four frostings:   Continue reading for recipe.

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