Pumpkin Pie for Breakfast!

pumpkin pie pancakes

Last Friday morning, my internal alarm clock buzzed a little earlier than my electronic one, so I hopped out of my steamy shower with some extra time to spare. After the chilly weather that blew into town, my bones begged for a hot breakfast to warm them up. I nixed my usual bowl of oatmeal and reached for milk and flour instead.


Within 10 minutes, my skillet of pancakes filled the house with their toasty sweet aroma, encouraging my guy to stumble into the kitchen rubbing his eyes and ask for the leftovers. Since I only mixed up enough for me (he rarely wakes up before I leave in the mornings!), I promised him another batch over the weekend before riding off to work.   Continue reading for recipe.


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When, What, Why?

As a little girl, I asked a lot of questions. My favorite word was “why,” closely followed by “what” and “when.” As in, “Mommy, when may I have dessert?”


During the times I noticed her in the kitchen preparing to bake, I started asking my questions before she even finished pulling out the flour and sugar!


“Mommy, what are you making?”

“When will it be ready?”

“Why won’t it be ready sooner?”  Continue reading for recipe.

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Wine: The Secret to Making the Perfect Apple Pie

A few weeks ago, I gassed up my car, bought two pounds of apples, and drove 80 miles on the southbound freeway. After an hour and a half, I dropped my grocery bags on the kitchen table and gave my friend a huge hug for the first time in four years.


We planned on making an apple pie, but somehow our lines got crossed. He thought I came over to bake the pie for us to enjoy, but I had the better idea: I would teach him and his roommate to make it themselves! And while I remembered all of the necessary ingredients—apples flour, shortening, sugar—as well as the pie tin, I completely forgot one key part: the rolling pin.


How do you roll out a pie crust without a rolling pin??   Continue reading for recipe.

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No Pie on Thanksgiving: The Epilogue

I caved. I couldn’t have Thanksgiving without the pumpkin pie; the table looked naked without it. But because I promised that I’d make three untraditional pumpkin desserts, I dreams up two creative twists for this year’s pie.   Continue reading for recipe.

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Is Your Grandma on Speed Dial?

Nothing beats Grandma’s apple pie. Tart juicy apples bathed in cinnamon and encased in a butter flaky crust… As a child, I squealed and drooled with joy whenever one of these beauties arrived at our house.   Continue reading for recipe.

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Pies in the Sky

A recent issue of Southwest’s Spirit Magazine displayed a wedge of juicy berry pie on the front cover. Flipping to the center, three or four articles wrote about Americans’ favorite pies (the classic apple came in first, of course!), more obscure flavors such as chess and sweet potato, and even a feature on the Pie Lady who sells homemade pies out of the house painted in the background of Wood’s famous American Gothic.   Continue reading for recipe.

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