Best Meals of 2012

I know, the logical order would have been to start with my favorite meals of the year and finish with desserts… But I love sweets so much that I couldn’t wait to share those with you! I promise I didn’t forget about my top breakfast, lunch, and dinner dishes though: here they are!  Continue reading for recipes.


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From Parkas to Palm Trees

Although the clouds dissipated to let the sun peek through, the winter chill still nips at my nose and bites at my toes. I look like the Michelin tire man when I bundle up in my scarves, gloves, and jackets any time I venture outside! (Wussy, I know, but some girls just weren’t born to live at the North Pole.) Dreaming of slightly warmer climates, I moseyed into my kitchen to make dinner.


With warm sandy beaches and sunny blue skies on my mind, my thoughts drifted to summer vacations on Kauai where we sipped coconut smoothies and snorkled to see the rainbow fish. For a few years, Grandma bought boxes of fresh pineapple to ship home for festive appetizers and juicy fruit salads. My mouth watered at the memory, but I had to make do with canned. Even so, I baked myself a delicious pizza and enjoyed my slice of paradise.   Continue reading for recipe.

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Loosen That Belt…

When you hear the word “stuffed,” what comes to mind? (Other than a food coma and a too-tight waistband…) Is it…


—   veggies, like bell peppers or chilies piled with rice, meat, and cheese?

—   Thanksgiving, with the turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, and stuffing?

—   pasta, like ravioli or tortellini crammed with cheeses and herbs?

—   pizza, with the dough folded over to hide extra melted cheese under the crust?

  Continue reading for recipe.

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“Sorry, We Don’t Serve Vegans”

Certain restaurants might as well hang this flashy neon sign in their windows. Not a single vegan option exists on their menus. Although some kitchens are willing to take special orders, others can only serve me a cool glass of ice water. Which places are the top offenders?   Continue reading for recipe.

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A Girl’s Favorite Word

The word “sale” is a magnet. It catches my eye and draws me in until I’m hungrily pawing through merchandise, looking for the perfect item to buy. But while most girls are sorting through denim and dresses, I’m chasing after—you guessed it—fresh produce. This week at the grocery store was no different. The reduced prices on firm, green zucchini called my name, and how could I resist? But once I was the proud owner of an overflowing bag of zukes, I needed recipes—and fast.    Continue reading for recipe.

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The Problem With Pizza

With its soft doughy crust, savory tomato sauce, and melted mozzarella cheese, pizza is practically perfect in every way. Except one. I always want more than one slice, but even the personal-size pizzas are getting to be too big to finish by myself! Cold pizza leftovers can taste pretty good, yet nothing beats that fresh-out-of-the-oven taste.    Continue reading for recipe.

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