When the Chickens Cluck, I Say “Oink!”

pork fattoush

Recently, chickens everywhere starter squawking at me to get my hand out of their hen house and cook another animal for a change. Slightly nervous but still sympathetic, I walked around the butchery section at the store and eventually settled on pork instead.   Continue reading for recipe.

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My Substitute for the Sun

I know April showers bring May flowers, but the trees outside my window are already blossoming. I don’t need any more rain, not after the last wonderfully warm weekend!


But since the weatherman predicted rain, it must come true. And when the temperatures drop and the skies fall, I crave soup. Something warm and filling to thaw my toes and unfreeze my fingers.   Continue reading for recipe.

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Don’t Waste Your Potatoes on French Fries

Growing up, a local diner served a lip-smackin’ plate of potato skins. Gooey cheddar cheese and crunchy bacon bits in crisp potato shells… My friends and I would order a couple plates of these tasty appetizers and eat them as our main course.    Continue reading for recipe.

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To Be or Not To Be, That Is The Question

I’m pretty close to being a vegetarian.  I don’t eat that much meat, just the occasional piece of chicken or salmon fillet, and I’m perfectly content getting my protein from beans, milk, and yogurt.  I could never go vegan—I enjoy cheese too much!  But vegetarian…  I think I could handle that.      Continue reading.

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“Pass the Bacon, You Pig!”

My family says this line all the time, especially when someone puts a rather large portion of food on their plate, yet I never knew where it came from until a few minutes ago when I Googled it.  Apparently it’s a joke:


Three married couples had decided to take a cross-country tour for the summer in a Winnebago trailer.

They started in New York and on the early morning of day 7 they decided to stop at a bed and breakfast for a bite to eat.

After the waitress brought their food the first hushand said, “Please pass the honey, Honey.”

The second husband said to his wife, “Please pass the sugar, Sugar.”

The third husband didn’t want to be out done but could not decide on what to ask his wife to pass him.

After a while he looked on the table and said, “Please pass the bacon, you PIG.”


Great, now I realize I should have been more offended growing up…      Continue reading for recipe.

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Perfect Pairing

When I was younger, I always ordered ham and cheese, from sandwiches to omelettes.  I must admit, it took years before I was ready to branch out and try different meats on my sandwiches, and it was even longer before I put any veggies in my omelettes.  There’s just something completely comforting about the simple ham-and-cheese combination.  So when I started craving that childhood comfort combo, I decided to branch out in the other direction – no sandwich, no omelette, and no quiche, all of the typical ham-and-cheese dishes.  Instead, I went for… pasta!   Continue reading for recipe.

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P Squared

Growing up as a California girl, we rarely ever served meat and potatoes for dinner.  We ate lots of pasta, salads, and the occasional pork tenderloin or barbequed hamburgers (almost never ribs or steak), and potatoes were reserved for veggie stir-fries or mashing on Thanksgiving.  Yet strangely enough, I was craving potatoes again.  There’s something about this chilly winter weather that has me lusting after pan-fried potatoes, with their crispy golden skins and soft delicate insides.  Add a generous sprinkling of salt on top, and they’re absolutely irresistible.  Thankfully, this time I was prepared, and I had a couple of small red potatoes sitting in my fridge.  And the perfect complement to potatoes?  Pork chops!   Continue reading for recipe.

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