Thanksgiving Pumpkin Desserts: The Footnote

Somehow, after baking a pie, cheesecake, and cookies, a mound of unused pumpkin still sat in a tupperware container in my fridge. Granted, it was a rather small mound, less than half of a cup, but still… You’d think I’d have used it all up! (Especially since I made both the pie and a second cheesecake for Thanksgiving #3…) As it taunted me, the expiration dates of a few other ingredients begged to be used too. And who am I to refuse a baking opportunity?   Continue reading for recipe.

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Packing and Purging

In the 24 frenzied hours before boarding a plane, the place is always a madhouse. Clothes fly everywhere the second the dryer buzzer dings, suitcases leave scuff marks as they’re dragged across the floor, and dogs bound happily into the car to ride off to the kennel. Oh, and somebody is left with the lovely task of cleaning out the fridge.


I felt guilty throwing away fresh produce, and a fat zucchini and half-eaten can of pineapple (okay, so it technically used to be fresh!) sat sadly on the shelf. They begged not to be tossed in the trashcan, and they easily suckered me into spending my precious packing time on the internet, searching for any recipe that called for both.   Continue reading for recipe.

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Dessert: Now Acceptable for Breakfast

My plan was foolproof. I would prepare breakfast the night before so that the next morning, I only had to stick it in the microwave for 30 seconds. That would buy me enough extra time so I wouldn’t still be chewing as I rushed out the door.


At night, I put the plan into action. It still seemed perfect as I diced my Granny Smith apple and spooned flour into measuring cups. The batter came together quickly, and I poured it into the cake pan. But when I licked a taste off of the spatula, I knew I was in trouble.    Continue reading for recipe.

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My Favorite Wintertime Treat

As soon as Thanksgiving ends, it’s officially time for me to bring out the Christmas decorations, blast holiday music, and bake wintery treats.  The first thing on my baking list is always a big batch of moist gingerbread.  I’m addicted to its spiciness; I could eat an entire loaf all by myself!  Its tantalizing smell fills the entire house, and it’s practically impossible to wait for it to come out of the oven.  Paired with a steaming mug of tea, hot chocolate, or apple cider, nothing beats the winter blues like this gingerbread.   Continue reading for recipe.

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