A Confusing Childhood Conundrum

As a five-year-old, the vegetable mustard greens confused me. Mustard was bright yellow and came in a French’s squeeze bottle, while greens were, well… Bright green, like lettuce and spinach. How could a food possibly be both yellow and green, both a condiment and a leaf, both spreadable and crisp?


It didn’t take long until I learned that mustard actually is a plant, not just a spicy topping for hot dogs and sandwiches, and the condiment is formed from the plant’s seeds. But I spent enough time puzzling over it as a kid that I came up with my own brilliant solution: coat some greens with mustard to make your mustard greens!   Continue reading for recipe.

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Nix the Newtons

Temperatures may be dropping in the rest of the country, but in my little neck of the farmlands, they’re still between 80-90, even pushing 100. Definitely won’t be seeing the leaves change colors anytime soon. And because it still feels like summer, even though we celebrated Labor Day weeks ago, it’s still perfectly acceptable to throw together a quick salad for dinner, especially after a long and frustrating day at work.   Continue reading for recipe.

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