My Childhood Lunch, All Grown Up

When I was little, my mom always packed half of a bagel with cream cheese in my lunch every day. It was a special treat, getting that plain white-bread bagel instead of the usual whole-grain peanut butter sandwich. Plus, the cream cheese didn’t stick to the roof of my mouth half as bad as the peanut butter!   Continue reading for recipe.


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Deli Dilemmas

BLT. Three simple letters, yet so much flavor. I know a few people who absolutely refuse to look at any deli menus and will only order this American classic. The smoky bacon, crisp lettuce, soft tomatoes, and toasted bread has them drooling before they even walk in the door.


I, on the other hand, enjoyed broadening my sandwich horizons. I poured over the menu, carefully considering all of my options. Ham, turkey, pastrami… Provolone, cheddar, mozzarella… Cucumbers, sun dried tomatoes, roasted bell peppers… Spinach, cabbage, iceberg lettuce… Sourdough, Dutch crunch, whole wheat…   Continue reading for recipe.

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Grilled Cheese Cheese Cheese

On Sunday, I lived in a nursery rhyme. Just like in “The Three Little Pigs,” the Big Bad Wolf huffed and puffed and threatened to blow my house down. Because my home isn’t make of sticks or straw, it managed to stay standing, but all of that wind left me cold, chilly, and in desperate need of some comfort food.   Continue reading for recipe.

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The Problem With Pizza

With its soft doughy crust, savory tomato sauce, and melted mozzarella cheese, pizza is practically perfect in every way. Except one. I always want more than one slice, but even the personal-size pizzas are getting to be too big to finish by myself! Cold pizza leftovers can taste pretty good, yet nothing beats that fresh-out-of-the-oven taste.    Continue reading for recipe.

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What Will You Press?

A few years ago, I visited my aunt in Arizona, both to see her and go to MLB Spring Training.  The baseball games were great, but the food was a huge disappointment.  Warm pretzels?  Yum.  Hot dog after hot dog after hot dog?  Not so great.  I started eating before the games, and I’d use my aunt’s panini press to make a quick, delicious sandwich to take in the car.  Even though I only stayed for a few days, I was spoiled by that panini press, and I had serious withdrawals when I got home.  A few months later, my parents surprised me with my own for Christmas, and I’ve been finding every excuse to turn my generic sandwiches into phenomenal paninis ever since. Continue reading for panini recipe.

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