Scones (or Bust!)

On the last Sunday of the month, the country club in my parents’ town hosts a gourmet buffet brunch. Long white-clothed tables tremble from the weight of bacon, sausages, hash browns, shrimp, salads, eggs benedict, chicken cordon bleu… At the end of the spread, a smiling chef stands ready to cook waffles or omelets to order, complete with fresh hand-carved meat. Yet another table holds the desserts, ranging from New York cheesecake and crème brûlée to chocolate-dipped strawberries and glazed fruit tartlettes.


In June, my brother discovered the buttery cranberry scones, and despite a shower of crumbs falling to his plate, he quickly recommended them as he stood up to take another. I followed him back to the buffet line to snag my own. After my first bite, I nearly took the entire platter back to our table, but my little conscious whispered that wouldn’t be the politest thing to do…


So I waited (rather impatiently) until July to eat a second. And promptly scolded my goodie-two-shoes conscious. That batch lacked both flavor and texture, and I left the half-eaten pastry on my plate.   Continue reading for recipe.


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