Even Better Than Campbell’s

chicken noodle-less soup

As 9-year-olds in P.E. class in February, my best friend and I convinced the instructor that our queasy stomachs needed a break from running laps to visit the nurse. In the front office, we convinced the nurse that out churching stomachs needed to go home for the day. And at my best friend’s house, we convinced her mom that Disney movies and soup were the best remedies for our upset stomachs.


Her mom rooted around in the pantry and pulled out two tin cans, one of tomato soup and another of chicken noodle. Since I refused to eat any tomato product other than ketchup, I politely declined in favor of option #2.   Continue reading for recipe.


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My Substitute for the Sun

I know April showers bring May flowers, but the trees outside my window are already blossoming. I don’t need any more rain, not after the last wonderfully warm weekend!


But since the weatherman predicted rain, it must come true. And when the temperatures drop and the skies fall, I crave soup. Something warm and filling to thaw my toes and unfreeze my fingers.   Continue reading for recipe.

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I Didn’t Get Pinched!

I nearly forgot yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day. Only after seeing green shirt on every grocery shopper and hearing my neighbors blare their party music (rap, not Gaelic) did I remember. While most of my green clothes lay in the hamper, making my holiday compliance slightly difficult, a few green vegetables sat in the fridge, begging to be incorporated into a festive dish.


With all of the rain pouring down lately I craved soup instead of the traditional corned beef and potatoes. Since I rarely want soup, I left the potatoes alone as I pulled out a pot to heat up broth on the stove. Not long after, I dipped my spoon into my creamy vegetable soup and polished off the whole bowl.


This may be a day late for St. Patrick’s Day, but maybe you’ll enjoy it for the next “green” holiday—Earth Day!   Continue reading for recipe.

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The Black Sheep of TV Programs

We all know the effectiveness of infomercials; there’s a reason they’re run at 3 am when we’re so tired that every gadget looks like the best idea ever. Really, who couldn’t use a Snuggie for their dog or a different Bumpit for every day of the week? I started turning off my phone whenever I watched TV to avoid the overwhelming temptation to call now and get my second Ginsu steak knife free (plus shipping and handling).


Okay, maybe not.


But cooking up a pot of Jules’ simple carrot soup quickly became an infomercial in its own right. With just a dinky little 2-cup food processor, my soup never reached a smooth consistency, regardless of how many times I pulsed (or how much liquid squirted through the cracks in the lid). After mopping up half of the soup from the counter, I sat down at the computer and purchased an immersion blender.


As soon as it arrives, my soup bowls will come out from hiding in the cupboards again!  Continue reading for recipe.

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Battle of Drips to the Death

This past weekend, the rains invaded, pelting the windows and laying siege to my humble home. As the assault continued, my food stores dwindled, but the rains’ vigorous persistence prevented me from escaping to the grocery store to buy more provisions. With a craving for soup quickly growing, I opened the fridge for a last-ditch effort to satisfy my unhappy stomach.


A ripe orange stared back at me, and a brilliant strategy began to form in my mind. The rain still taunted me outside, but I could create my own little bowl of sunshine inside my kitchen. Within minutes, the blender whirred out my battle cry, and I eagerly slurped up my citrus soup. Although it lacked the sun’s warmth, it still lifted my dampened spirits and brought a smile to my face as I waited out the rest of the storm.   Continue reading for recipe.

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What To Do When The Weatherman Rains On Your Parade

Just when I thought I saw a sliver of spring sunshine peeking through, the winter rains returned—in full force. I should have learned my lesson ages ago… Never trust the weatherman. Especially if said weatherman is standing right next to you, showing you the “partially sunny” icons on an iPhone while raindrops fall on your head.


On the “bright” side, the showers did give me a second chance to pull out some recipes for the wintery comfort foods I never quite got around to making. Continue reading for recipe.

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O is for (French) Onion Soup

The closest grocery store was fresh out of octopus, and since I’m not Southern, okra was out of the question.  With the weather outside being so cold I can’t feel my fingers through my fleece-lined gloves, soup became the most appealing option.      Continue reading for recipe.

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Soup So Addicting, You’ll Lick The Bowl Clean!

(You gotta trust me on this…  A few other people tried it, and they all asked for more!)


After a week of non-stop extravagant holiday meals, I was more than ready to eat something small, simple, and satisfying.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the sweet potatoes (with marshmallows, mmm!), cranberry salad, and honey-baked ham, but lots of heavy food and then lots of heavy leftovers never makes for a happy girl nor a happy tummy.  Instead, I left the last staling bits of our holiday feast for others to consume and made a trip to the grocery store.  I walked out with a bag full of fresh ingredients and a craving for homemade soup.      Continue reading for recipe.

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