Prepare Your Forks…

I know I sound like a broken record, but the guys in my family love lemon treats. That’s a capital L-O-V-E love. When birthday season rolls around and they hear my electric beaters whirring and see me juicing lemons, they turn into Pavlov’s dogs. Complete with the perked up ears and salivating mouth.


To start the doggies (er, men) drooling a little early this year, I decided to work on perfecting modifying their favorite lemon bundt cake. With such gorgeous juicy strawberries in season, I doubted they’d mind if I added a few to the batter. Or to the glaze.   Continue reading for recipe.


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My Mom’s Day

For Mother’s Day this year, I drove down to visit my parents the night before. We prefer celebrating on Friday or Saturday to avoid the long lines and crowds of people overflowing restaurants for brunch of dinner. Mom still gets her special day, just a bit earlier than every other mother so she doesn’t need to share it with the rest of the world!


She wanted to eat at her favorite downtown restaurant, the Pub. She and Dad opted not to share their typical nachos, instead choosing the ultimate grilled cheese and Philly cheese steak. As for me? I ordered my favorite salad on the menu (salad at a pub, crazy I know)—and then snagged a few crispy beer-battered fries off of someone else’s plate too!   Continue reading for recipe.

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Nix the Newtons

Temperatures may be dropping in the rest of the country, but in my little neck of the farmlands, they’re still between 80-90, even pushing 100. Definitely won’t be seeing the leaves change colors anytime soon. And because it still feels like summer, even though we celebrated Labor Day weeks ago, it’s still perfectly acceptable to throw together a quick salad for dinner, especially after a long and frustrating day at work.   Continue reading for recipe.

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Frozen With Fear

4 months. A full third of a year. That’s how long it’s been since I last cooked meat in my kitchen. Yes, I can hear the vegetarians cheering in victory and the carnivores groaning in agony. But after my vegan challenge ended in early July, there was still something appealing about not worrying if raw meat juices oozed all over my countertops or if pesky little bacteria infected my sponges.


Then again, when I realized I had a frozen chicken breast in the freezer with more ice on it than meat, it was time to face my fears and thaw him out. But how to cook him?   Continue reading for recipe.

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