Sandwich on Holiday

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Ever since I started kindergarten, I’ve packed my lunch to bring to school (and now work) every single day. I’ve only left my lunchbox at home a handful of times in nearly 20 years for the occasional classroom pizza party or catered meal by Boss.


Shockingly enough, I still enjoy biting into a simple sandwich. Normally it’s just a few slices of meat between my bread with a squeeze of mustard for moisture. Recently, I started getting fancy by adding crisp shredded lettuce. (A real splurge, I know!) But I almost always skip out on adding any more toppings, especially if they’ll turn my sandwich wet and soggy while it sits on my desk all morning.   Continue reading for recipe.


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Tofu for Tummy Aches

Guidebooks to France unanimously agree that it’s difficult to be a vegetarian in the country, and after 9 days, I will definitely vouch for that. Their idea of “vegetarian” consists of stuffing you full of fish, scallops, and other seafood. So being vegan is absolutely impossible (unless you only eat baguettes).


But before I rant and rave about the food in France, I have something to confess…   Continue reading for recipe.

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Tackling Tofu

The rain brings out my creative cooking juices. I refuse to get drenched by walking to the grocery store, so I’m stuck making meals with whatever is sitting in the fridge or pantry. It normally comes down to either (a) strange pairings like lentils and salsa or (b) cooking whatever is about to mold. Even though my lentil-and-salsa bowl didn’t taste half bad, I thought that it was time to stop treating the big block of tofu in my fridge like an elephant in the parlor and make my first vegan tofu dish.   Continue reading for recipe.

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My Tofu Transition—From Complete Avoidance to Cautious Optimism

Bland and slimy. Two adjectives that should never describe food, yet they’re the first two that come to mind when I hear the word “tofu.” I’m not one to hold a grudge, but my past tofu experiences—from breakfast scrambles to pasta dishes—have never done anything for me to give tofu a second (or third, or fourth, or…) glance.    Continue reading for recipe.

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