The Black Sheep of TV Programs

We all know the effectiveness of infomercials; there’s a reason they’re run at 3 am when we’re so tired that every gadget looks like the best idea ever. Really, who couldn’t use a Snuggie for their dog or a different Bumpit for every day of the week? I started turning off my phone whenever I watched TV to avoid the overwhelming temptation to call now and get my second Ginsu steak knife free (plus shipping and handling).


Okay, maybe not.


But cooking up a pot of Jules’ simple carrot soup quickly became an infomercial in its own right. With just a dinky little 2-cup food processor, my soup never reached a smooth consistency, regardless of how many times I pulsed (or how much liquid squirted through the cracks in the lid). After mopping up half of the soup from the counter, I sat down at the computer and purchased an immersion blender.


As soon as it arrives, my soup bowls will come out from hiding in the cupboards again!  Continue reading for recipe.

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Fruity Feelings

Every year, my grandma must buy out the entire candied fruit section of her local grocery store. She spends day after day in the kitchen, baking her famous fruitcakes. By the time Christmas rolls around, she has made enough to build an entire two-story house! Well, not really, but all of her family, friends, neighbors, and exercise ladies receive a loaf or two.   Continue reading for recipe.

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