Sourpuss Turned Sweet

My last post didn’t publish correctly… I was thanking you for all of the thoughtful comments you left on my sweet and sneaky veggie series! I also asked what vegetables you’d like to see in the next sequel series, so please leave a comment with your requests!


And now on to fruits


blueberry lemon yogurt cookies


Everyone I know owns a lemon tree. My coworkers, my parents, the mailman, the speedy grocery cashier, that one house on my morning running route… Everyone but me.


I sulked for a while over that fact. They were so lucky; they could walk outside and pick citrus any time a lemonade, lemon bar, or lemon meringue pie craving hit. Me, I had to plan ahead for my cravings to ensure I wrote “lemons” on my weekly grocery list.


But then the light bulb in my brain flickered on…   Continue reading for recipe.


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Do They Have Rehab For Food Addictions?

My obsession with yogurt and granola began when I was a freshman in college.  Almost every freshman at my university lived in the dorms and was required to purchase a meal plan to eat at the DC (dining commons).  Some of the food was edible, a couple things were actually delicious (Santa Fe chicken salad and the fresh warm cookies), but the majority of it was barely tolerable.  On days where absolutely nothing looked appealing, I turned to the salad bar where they always kept two containers of yogurt—one plain, one flavored.      Continue reading for recipe.

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