Spilling the Beans

I dreaded telling people at work about my new vegan diet. They already take immense pleasure in teasing me about eating so many fruits and veggies, and although it’s all in good fun, I thought I’d never hear the end of it when they found out I was eating only plant-based products for the next month. Sure enough, when they heard the news, they started talking.   Continue reading for recipe.

May 24, 2011. Tags: , , , , , , . Have a Heart. 6 comments.

“Zukes Alors!”

My zucchini and pepperoni pizza took care of half a zucchini, but 27 more sat chilling in my fridge. And although I find both zucchini bread and muffins irresistible, I wanted something slightly more creative, something that reflected the warm spring sunshine that finally made an appearance this past weekend. A bag of juicy lemons picked from my parents’ backyard caught my eye, and the wheels in my brain started turning.    Continue reading for recipe.

April 21, 2011. Tags: , , , , , , , , , . Baked Bliss. 2 comments.

A Girl’s Favorite Word

The word “sale” is a magnet. It catches my eye and draws me in until I’m hungrily pawing through merchandise, looking for the perfect item to buy. But while most girls are sorting through denim and dresses, I’m chasing after—you guessed it—fresh produce. This week at the grocery store was no different. The reduced prices on firm, green zucchini called my name, and how could I resist? But once I was the proud owner of an overflowing bag of zukes, I needed recipes—and fast.    Continue reading for recipe.

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