Sweet and Sneaky Ways to Eat Your Veggies: Beets

aka “And The Beet Goes On…”

fudgy beet brownies

I saved the best for last!


I thought beets were weird. Sure, they looked sweet and innocent from far away, but as soon as I mixed them into my salad, they turned my feta cheese hot pink. Hot pink. Strangely, I don’t find neon-colored dairy products very appetizing…


So while my mom swore by them, I picked those pesky beets out of my food.   Continue reading for recipe.


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Thank goodness for freezers.


chocolate brownie ice cream


Over the past two weeks, I’ve been frantically running around with less time than the little white rabbit from “Alice in Wonderland.” Once my vacation ended, I immediately reached for cardboard boxes, packaging tape, and Windex to pack up my home and clean it before moving.


And now I’m in the new house, buried beneath bubble wrap and tissue paper, trying to motivate myself to unpack the last few boxes of pots and pans so I can begin cooking and baking again. Because that may take another day or two, I stocked up on frozen enchiladas and curried rice bowls from Trader Joe’s. Not that gourmet or glamorous, but…   Continue reading for recipe.

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The List Lady

basic cakey brownies

Before all of my vacations, I pull out a pen and notepad to write lists. I jot down everything, from the individual shirts and earrings on my packing list to the sights and restaurants on my daily activities list. But every time, I forget to make one very important list: the what-to-do-with-what’s-left-in-the-fridge list.   Continue reading for recipe.

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Bargaining for Brownies

Since I visited my parents for dinner last weekend, they drove up north on Friday night to eat with me. My “uncle,” one of Dad’s old college buddies, flew into town midweek, so he tagged along to join us for burgers, falafel, fries, and stew at a local grill and pizzeria.


As soon as we sat down, Uncle began raving about the best brownies he’s ever had. He confessed to eating four the night before and another two that afternoon (although he did run 20+ miles both days!). Describing them as rich, fudgy, and addictive, Uncle mentioned the treats another four times in our dinner conversation and mulled over the baker’s recipe.   Continue reading for recipe.

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Christmas Cookies for Santa: Another Try

If Mrs. Claus helped load the sleigh, perhaps her peppermint perfume permeated into the sack of toys, already filling Santa’s nose with her sweet scent. So maybe he didn’t need my peppermint reminder to think of his wife on his trip. Despite this insight, I thought Santa still wanted a moist brownie with his glass of milk.   Continue reading for recipe.

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Christmas Cookies for Santa: Still Guessing

As I bit into the chocolate peppermint cookie, I realized the ginormous problem with my approach to Santa’s treats. Almost every other family leaves him cookies, so baking a different type of dessert would bring him more joy and break up the cookie monotony.   Continue reading for recipe.

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Mission: Complete

Most people spend their lives searching for the perfect soul mate, the perfect vacation location, or even the perfect tan. But my pursuit is so much more significant, and even more satisfying. What is it, you might ask? The perfect brownie.   Continue reading for recipe.

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